People of all ages are being bombarded each day with messages of hopelessness, loss, lack, that they will never do better, be better, have access to better, etc. and as a result, many children, youth, and adults are down-spirited, heartbroken, sad, depressed, & fearful of their “futures.”

Negative & harmful messages & teachings are being heard from all directions and sources; tv, news, peers, their communities, their neighborhoods, movies, & music that they listen to that are promoting things that will actually keep them in cycles of brokenness.

At CYHMN, we feel burdened by the messages & voices, both overt and covertly being shared in society, that are actually promoting brokenness. No more! We have the solution! We want to be relentless in our pursuit of reaching more and more youth so that we can CONSISTENTLY encourage them, speak life to them, speak hope over their lives, speak truth in regards to their identity, plans, and purposes for their lives!

We don’t just want to reach youth/students once! We want to invite youth/students to be a part of our community of caring and loving people that truly love and value their lives! We want to speak & declare hope to them! Declare life to them! Through school assemblies, we have handpicked speakers that share our values and heart for the youth/students, that will connect with them & embrace the youth so that they feel seen, loved, valued and worthy!  But we don’t want to stop there!  We have mentors that will meet with them! We have a mental health curriculum, with valuable topics, that will equip them & their teacher with the knowledge that they need to encourage healthy attitudes and values that will break cycles of brokenness! But there is more! We have created an online community made up of active positive mentors that consistently connect online to share encouragement and for the youth to have a positive, consistent place to meet!

Our children need our support! Our youth need us to fight for them by being ready and available alongside them, in every way possible, so that we can truly help them along their journey!  They need us in the schools. They need us outside of the schools! They need us online!  They need us “live” online!

The side that wants to destroy them doesn’t stop looking for new ways to instill perspectives and values in our children & youth that will hurt them either today or later. So why should we be passive or reactive instead of proactive and staying ahead of the game? Why should we slow down and not be relentless in our pursuit to increase their access to healthy messages that break cycles of pain?

Will you join us in the fight to keep    healthy/Godly values and encouragement easily available to our youth across the nation? Will you partner up with us to increase the access of every son or daughter to have access to a strong backbone that will support and encourage them in their journey so they can become all that God has created them to be?  We have the solution! We have the strategy! We have the way in! We’ve been doing it for 17 years and it WORKS! Will you link arms and work alongside of us to help protect the lives of youth/students all over the nation?

Issues Faced By Youth:

  • Lack of available mentors that are relatable & that students can actually connect with
  • Abandonment
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Rejection
  • Not having positive role models
  • Not having access to positive role models
  • Neglect (emotional and physical)
  • Poverty
  • Seeing Lack
  • Seeing harmful behaviors and attitudes to cope with difficult issues
  • Not seeing positive examples of how to “come up” in positive ways


  • Move them from despair to HOPE
  • Ignite HOPE
  • Nurture HOPE
  • Increase availability and access to positive mentors, speakers, resources, content, messages, etc. through CYHMN