National Anti-Bullying Program

In response to the bullying epidemic that has spread throughout the schools and communities of the USA, many states are mandating schools to provide resources and education to combat bullying. Unfortunately, little to no extra funds are available to assist in effectively meeting the demand.

The No Bully Zone National Program is a campaign that allows Can You Hear Me Now to provide resources and education to students, Kindergarten through 12th grade, across America at NO COST!

Our No Bully Zone National Program is free to the schools and consists of:

1. No Bully Booklet

2. Anti-bullying school assemblies with our best speakers who are former NFL players, Harlem Globetrotters and music artists

3. Mentoring by our expert mentors

4. Bully-Proof Vest Training for Staff in schools

Our mission is to eradicate bullying and cyber-bullying from schools in America and these integral components will help us do just that!

The No Bully Booklet is a magazine, made available by electronic distribution, that will have a readership of over 139 million people; seen by parents, guardians, school administration, students and extended family. In addition to offering useful information, the No Bully Booklet communicates to parents that the schools are being proactive about addressing bullying.

National Anti-Bullying Program

Can You Hear Me Now has speakers, music artists, athletes, and entertainers who support the No Bully Zone National Program and are eager to host assemblies, in participating schools, in front of hundreds of thousands of students, faculty and staff this year.

We are working hard to eliminate bullying from our schools and communities and would love for you to join us!


Can You Hear Me Now is offering Sponsoring Company Platinum (Exclusive) Sponsorship of the National No Bully Booklet of 2020.

Platinum (Exclusive) Sponsorship Includes:

•Advertisement on the back cover of each magazine.

•Welcome letter from your company will be displayed in the first five pages of every booklet.

•Company logo on front page as well as in the run of the book, in each page of the featured articles.

•Social Media recognition from each speaker on related posts.

•Public recognition from each speaker at each related assembly, to hundreds of thousands of students across the USA.

•Promotional Banner with company logo.


Platinum (Exclusive)

# of students to receive booklet