Tina Marie

From farm girl to film student, Tina challenges adults and teens to live counter-culturally to what the media claims is “harmless entertainment.” Tina encourages the youth to “think outside the box.”She worked on Hollywood sets and describes her nine years of Hollywood experience as being a fly on the wall.

Usher promotes extra-marital sex throughout his lyrics and yet in a YM magazine interview he states, “Virginity is something to be valued. Don’t be pressured into it because you never want to do something that you’ll live to regret!” This is just one of the many shocking revelations Tina shares throughout her in-depth media presentation. She describes her nine years of Hollywood experience as being God’s undercover FBI agent. “I was a fly on the wall in L.A. While working on sets, I talked with countless celebrities on how they raise their own children and I soon discovered ‘these secrets’ must be revealed to our youth.”

As a CSULA film graduate, Tina exposes:

  • How celebrities shelter their own children from the “entertainment” they produce
  • How pop-culture makes sex look “cheap”
  • Interviews of rappers who are drug-free around their own children but not on MTV
  • How harmful media affects our hearts and minds
  • How each and every person can use their talents to create positive change world-wide
  • Gives the latest and hottest positive entertainment choices from movies, video games, TV shows, comedians and more

Besides spending time with her adorable husband Luke and son Jake, Tina loves writing, cooking and photography. Tina’s mission in life? Challenging people to “think outside the box!”

Tina has opened for:

Jeremy Camp

Third Day

Jeff Deyo

Tree 63


Rotterdam November



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