Tanya Crevier

Tanya CrevierAll eyes were trained on Tanya Crevier, the best woman basketball handler, as she spun the orbs in a way that would make the Harlem Globetrotters dizzy. Basketballs were spinning across Crevier’s back, on a hula hoop, on water bottles, on pens held by brave volunteers and atop a pole that stretched to the ceiling.

The former Women’s Professional Basketball League player has traveled to more than 30 countries to perform and share a message of hope to people of all ages through her Spintacular Basketball Show….”Each of us have a personal story we share about being an overcomer. We want to give these kids hope and keep those dreams alive,” she said.  Crevier even taught the audience the secret to balancing any pole — whether it’s plastic or a wooden broom stick: “Look upward.” …..“Look at the opportunity and don’t always focus on your shortcomings,” Crevier said. “Have the courage to look upward and find a solution.”

As a Motivational Speakers tanya crevier

The Crevier family is truly amazing. They travel the world demonstrating greatness to students with perseverance and tenacity with their skills. This translates to students that they can reach their dreams and passions, also! They are motivated to reach further than ever before and taught that dreams are reached by DAILY disciplines and methods that work! No one is exempt from doing what they were born to do!

Reward those who worked really hard this school year with entertainment that will take them through the summer and back to school with desire to reach higher! Watch as these school assembly speakers perform things that for most are impossible! Their message that goes along with their talents truly leave the students wanting to “keep up the good work!”