Shawn Harper

Shawn Harper is a former American football offensive tackle in the National Football League, who played for the Indianapolis Colts and appeared on MTV’s Made.

Just Who Do You Think You Are?         

What is the secret to self-confidence?

How does your culture, your upbringing, and your family values shape your sense of self?

How do your beliefs about yourself influence your thoughts, actions and reactions?

How can you truly know yourself and consistently outperform and reach your goals?

How does your culture, your upbringing, and your family values shape your sense of self?

Peggi - Shawn Harper

Your Self-Concept Affects Your Self-Confidence Which affects Your Overall Performance. Whether you are a seasoned corporate leader, a fledgling entrepreneur, a student or a teacher, how you view yourself determines how you perform on the job, in business or at school.

Through his dynamic, upbeat and exhilarating interactive training sessions, seminars and workshops, former NFL footballer, Shawn Harper will give you the essential tools and resources to transport you from the “ordinary” to a life filled with outrageous success and happiness. Let Shawn help you tunnel through the walls and ceilings that block you from living your best life now!

Shawn Harper as a NFL Speakers

Shawn motivates and encourages his audiences to action in his trademark series of live events and workshops designed to enhance personal, professional and business development. His custom tailored courses offer practical approaches that will substantially improve hard measures of efficiency, productivity, effectiveness and profitability for any organization –no matter the type or size — or any individual no matter what level or status in life.

Shawn Harper is regarded as one of the top up and coming motivational/inspirational speakers in the country. A former college and seven-year professional football player, Shawn uses wit, humor, feats of strength, and his NFL experiences to draw and captivate his audience.                      

He then delivers an earth-shaking message of motivation, encouragement, and hope. A classic rags-to-riches story, Shawn was born and raised in an impoverished area of Columbus, Ohio. Faced with insurmountable odds such as four learning disabilities, poverty, speech challenges, and the lowest GPA in his senior class, Shawn rose from an average football player to graduating from college and winning several national achievement awards.

Shawn was on the roster of several NFL teams, blocking for two Heisman trophy candidates and two all-pro running backs. Shawn is currently CEO of American Services and Protection in Columbus, Ohio. He is living proof that a set-back is a set up for a comeback! Shawn Harper travels the country sharing the wisdom he has gained through the experiences in his life.

Whether it is a high school assembly, annual conference, retreat, camp, or other event, Shawn mesmerizes his audiences as he unlocks the secrets of success and personal achievement. One of Shawn’s life statements is “You’re not born winners or losers; you’re born choosers.”