Motivational Speakers Santia Deck

We have a new female kid on the block! Check out our ROCKSTAR – Santia Deck! At Can You Hear Me Now, we do one thing well! Our passion is to bring you the very best in school large group assembly speakers! Santia Deck is a history-making Professional Female Football Player! She is also a Social Media Influencer and Motivational Speaker, with over 2 million loyal followers across her multiple platforms. 

I am an advocate for athlete mental health. I am deeply committed to assisting athletes in managing injuries, preventing depression, and also in building a brand that allows them to have a “Plan B” during injuries, or in case they are ever released from their team”. 

She built the start of her empire around a brand tied to her moniker, Queen of Abs. In the Summer of 2020, Santia made history again – becoming the first female athlete to own her own sneaker company, TRONUS

She is also a published author, a fitness model, TV personality, social media consultant, public speaker, and a TV host.

To capture the full journey and share an inspirational message of pursing your dreams despite obstacles, Santia published her memoir More Than An Athlete.

Santia Marie Deck was born in Greenville, SC and raised in Houston, TX. She now resides in Atlanta, GA and travels the world.

Santia has been running full speed after her dream of success since childhood. Now, she works tirelessly to inspire and empower young people, women, people of color and others with her determination, passion and genuine commitment to never giving up.