Keith Davis

Feel the intensity when Keith Davis walks into the room. If the kids have decided, “it’s just another assembly,” their minds are quickly changed within the first three minutes of this dynamic presentation! Keith has the “POWER” to change the atmosphere and environment of the entire student body whether in Elementary, Middle, High School, College or Adult groups! Sit on the edge of your seat while he performs!

A former NFL linebacker, Rose Bowl champion and USC graduate, Keith Davis overcame tremendous family obstacles and reading difficulties to obtain a degree in business finance. To add to his degree, he was awarded the number one academic scholar on his team. His personal victories inspire his exciting, interactive and dynamic program which challenges people of all ages to pursue a lifestyle of excellence. Keith is a man of character and commitment who truly lives by the principles that he shares.

The attention of his students is captured by an incredible display of strength. The display, coupled with exciting music, create a thrilling atmosphere and a lasting impression. These feats also serve as a visual aid to a powerful and relevant message. This program is filled with a great deal of humor, student interaction and volunteer participation.

No student or adult will be able to sleep through this program! Keith Davis was a pro football player and an Academic Scholar student. He has spoken in over 3,000 schools world-wide. He has taught his motivational program in 47 states and 25 countries including Australia, Brazil, England, Japan, Russia, Egypt and South Africa.

Topics include:

  • You don’t have to be great to get started. You just have to get started to be great.
  • Readers really do become leaders.
  • Knowledge increases their opportunities to succeed.
  • You can have more if you don’t settle for less.

For his high school audiences, Keith touches on relationships. He challenges students to build their relationships on the front seat of respect, not the back seat of disgrace. Keith has found that because many students listen to wrong voices, they make wrong choices. Keith encourages each student to hang out with dream makers not dream breakers.