Motivational Speakers Austin Lanier

Austin has done school assemblies across the world encouraging students to embrace their unique identity, never give up during difficult times, and make the right decisions in order to turn their dreams into reality just like he did.

From playing soccer in foreign countries, to sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in the music industry he has never lost sight of what is most important… his PURPOSE.


His ‘IDENTITY’ based assembly can focus on a variety of topics ranging from:

– Identity/Mindset/Attitude

– Stay in School/Go to College

– Anti-drugs

– Anti-Bullying/Social Media

– Peer Pressure/Anti-Drugs

– Mental Health/Suicide Prevention

– Standardized Testing/Make The Grades

Austin uses his talents with impressive soccer tricks and relevant music to convey a relatable message, as well as give practical tools to help make a lasting impact.
Students, parents, and administrators at every school Austin visits leave similar comments to these listed below:
The night before you came to our school I wrote my suicide note and planned to kill myself the next day after saying bye to my friends. I just want you to know that you really impacted my life and helped me decide suicide is not the way to go. I’ve been struggling to find my identity for a year now. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone. Every day is a battle, but because of your story I’m going to keep fighting. Thank you.”
– High School Student
“You went to my daughter’s school about a month ago, and you honestly changed her life. She’s only 13 and I had no idea how bad she felt about herself and how stressed she was until after that day. She came home and told me she was done trying to impress everyone at school, and done trying to be someone she wasn’t. Since then, she is a completely different girl. She’s no longer insecure and shy. Her grades and attitude have been amazing since then. I don’t know what all you did that day, but I hope you continue helping other kids the way you did mine. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Oh, and you autographed her wrist, and I couldn’t get her to wash it off for 2 weeks! Lol”
– Mother of Middle School Student
A couple weeks ago you were at my school talking about trying your hardest to achieve something. Honestly I didn’t believe you, but I wanted to test it. I struggle in math, so I started asking questions and practicing at home just like you said you did to get better at soccer. My math grade went from a 46% to a 76%, and I can never thank you enough!”
– High School Student
“Hey Austin, when you talked about bullying it made me realize I have been the one bullying someone, and putting them down to make them feel bad. Your message helped me stop doing that because we never know what someone is dealing with. I want to be nice and help people like you do.
– Middle School Student
“I want to thank you. I’ve long struggled with depression and anxiety. As a person who stands out I tend to attract hurtful comments (and sometimes even physical abuse) and it can make me feel alone. Listening to your speech gave me hope. I could relate on many of the topics, and it just helps to know there is someone out there who has overcome the battle.”
– High School Student