Check out our IMAGINE curriculum written by Peggi Merkey and Melvin Adams~World-Class former Harlem Globetrotter.


We use this with students in grades 3-college! This is a nine month course for students with an introduction and final wrap up!

  • I: stands for Identity
  • M: stands for Mindset
  • A: stands for Attitude
  • G: stands for Goals
  • I: stands for Imagine
  • N: stands for Never Give Up
  • E: stands for Excel and Get Excited!

The authors have found it so important to teach students these principals so they can move through their specific circumstances in life, to become successful. Our entire lives are wrapped around knowing the truth about our IDENTITY. With so much dysfunction in our culture, students are yearning to connect with their purpose, but knowing our identity has to come first. With our IMAGINE CURRICULUM, we are able to move students through processes that build upon each other. These are life-changing and can be used in almost any situation. The foundation for Identity is to help them see that they are accepted no matter what is going on around them and what their present circumstances are trying to
predict to them.

MINDSET and ATTITUDE are just as important as identity for students today. So many things are beating them down. But when we come in with WHY having the right mindset and attitude are important, students now have a reason to step up to the challenge. We are finding that many students know how important these are to success. But they rarely have anyone speaking to them about these traits on a daily basis!

It’s a known fact that when we write GOALS down, we are more apt to accomplish them. Something happens in our brains when we speak of goals and desire to reach them. Once we discover the goals that we have, we have to do our daily disciplines to reach them. The very foundation is writing them down and then making them attainable is the next step.

The second “I” stands for IMAGINE. Can you see that we are building as we take this journey? We can’t imagine success if we haven’t grasped our identity or a right mindset or attitude! Upon setting goals, students realize that they can excel in life, even if their role models haven’t led the way for them. Now we’re building and we’re going somewhere!

We all inherently know that we should NEVER GIVE UP! But being reminded and motivated is everything to a student, and especially if it is done in a kind and loving way.

And last but not least…..WE EXCEL AND GET EXCITED! This is taught in the eighth month and students have now realized that we are all for their success! The flip has switched, and they are all in. They now have the knowledge to succeed! And if they have a setback, they can go back to the first step to remind themselves of how to work through any process with these nine steps!

Now it’s time to celebrate with a concert by one of our many IMAGINE MUSIC ARTISTS

You will never see the word IMAGINE the same way again!

…………………Now go and IMAGINE some things for your LIFE!……………………