Transform your school with a person who is making huge strides in bringing impact for many issues common to students. Mike Rosas connects with students and they LISTEN to him! He provides insight into the problems that teens face, but also teaches the students who are not problematic the things they should be doing to succeed! He uses his story about how he began stuttering at age 5 and how he was able to overcome that! Now he has gone on to greatness to meeting one on one with many NBA stars, helping them with issues that they face in their personal and professional lives.



Topics for Assemblies and Small Groups

  • Leadership principles
  • STAAR Motivation
  • Staying in School/Going to College
  • Anti-bullying
  • Making the grade
  • Anti-Gangs, violence
  • Peer-pressure
  • Reaching your Destiny
  • Identity
  • Excelling
  • Acting the way you want to be treated
  • You are accepted and loved
  • Reach your Dream