Leonard is from Jacksonville, Florida. He graduated from Raines High School and  attended Savannah State College and then Northwest Mississippi . Leonard was not drafted to the NFl, but decided he would pursue his NFL dream, so he joined a semi-pro football team while working as a security guard for the school board. Leonard’s amazing story is truly motivating, bouncing back from bad choices and making a U-turn in his life. Leonard was discovered by the Buffalo Bills and after leaving the Bills he signed with the Carolina Panthers. Leonard was 315 lbs, bench pressed twice his weight and ran a speedy 4.8  40 yard dash.

Today, Leonard is a successful businessman and gifted speaker. His audience ranges from Corporate groups to empowering and motivating youth of all ages in schools, summer camps, skills camps, prisons, youth groups and service organizations. Watch his video to see how entertaining he is along with substantial depth in speaking!