Doug is a frequent presenter at workshops such as “Save Our Children,” “Seminar of Youth Problems,” “A Forum on Racial & Ethnic Tensions in Schools,” as well as Cultural Awareness forums. He is also a sought after speaker at religious, political, educational and civic gatherings.

A licensed pastoral counselor and ordained minister, Doug holds a Ph.D. in leadership and human development from Logos University, along with a pastoral certificate in practical ministry from Regent University. He is recognized for his contributions in both secular and sacred arenas. Doug received congressional recognition for the work of Somebody Cares in 2001 and the Barbara Jordan Leadership Award in 1995. He has served with the Houston area Council on Gangs and as a Community Relations Consultant for Houston Police Department’s Community Outreach Division and currently serves on HPD’s Youth Police Advisory Council. Doug is co-founder of Global Compassion Network (GCN), a network of worldwide compassion ministries, and serves as a board member or advisor for a variety of organizations, including: Asian Task Force, World Blessing Foundation, World Trumpet, Sentinel Group with George Otis Jr., Mission America, Mission Houston, Youth-Reach Houston, and the Governor of Texas’ One Star Foundation.

Somebody Cares has implemented several city-wide strategies now duplicated in cities across the nation, including a mentoring program for youth known as Youth Guidance Consultants. Somebody Cares also developed an anti-gang and at-risk youth intervention handbook, which has been utilized by the Houston Police Department. Back-to-school programs and benevolent aid during the holiday season known as Holiday of Hope have been integral parts of Somebody Care’s efforts. In addition, Somebody Cares initiated an awareness campaigning for potential adoptive parents known as Hope in Houston. Because of the ministry’s extensive network of relationships throughout the U.S. and abroad, Somebody Cares emerged in 2005 as a leader in “rapid response” to disaster relief, beginning with the tsunami in Southeast Asia and continuing with Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The ministry’s work was recognized in Charisma and Outreach magazines and featured on American Family Radio, Moody Broadcasting, and CrossWalk online magazine