Growing up in one of the most crime-filled neighborhoods in Houston, David learned at an early age to survive. He never knew his Dad, and his mother suffered with mental issues, so the streets taught him how to live. But trouble follows when our life and track are off and this was certainly the case for David Stokely.
After being locked up in prison for poor choices,  he was getting to the end of himself, and he enrolled in a 3 year program to help get his life back in order. He was released and has now become a mentor to others who were living the way he did in his past.
Now he spends each day speaking to students in schools across Texas,  helping those who are ready for life-changing skills that, had he known them, might have prevented much pain and heartache in his own life. School assemblies and mentoring are his strong areas, because students listen to someone who has been in difficult situations and wants to help them prevent consequences.
“Thinking things through” is his character development curriculum. Even when students are not yet ready to turn their lives around, he helps them understand the consequences of their choices, which makes them WANT TO CHANGE!