Cheyanne was born and raised in Humble, Texas by two parents, until the age of seven. In that seventh year, her parents got a divorce and she moved very frequently from one parent’s house to the other. She became the person in the middle, and this started her internal struggles. She felt lonely, isolated, hopeless and rejected. Although she had a purpose and destiny in her life, she did not feel it, and became very depressed.

Cheyanne’s mom was suicidal and she had to watch, hear, and live with the fear and stress that is brought on from this trauma. Through her life she has also attempted suicide. The second time she was planning on committing suicide, a speaker, Austin Lanier, came to her school. He spoke about feeling lost and being depressed. He also touched on how he has a mentor who is helping him. He was able to overcome these things andnow is a motivational speaker in cities across the United States.

Cheyanne reached out to him and he connected her with a mentor! She is approaching two years with her mentoring! She has learned, as well as continues to learn, the importance of identifying lies and speaking truth over herself. As she began to feel loved and valued, as many kids want and need, she has grown to start trusting God with her whole life.

Cheyanne is now sharing her story on stage with others. She loves to speak about the hope she now has so that others can KNOW that there is hope instead of suicide. She’s barely a college student and has a huge servant heart! She loves being involved as well as helping and inspiring students. Because she is so close in age to the students she speaks to, they find her very relatable, and she can walk them through issues that they may not be able to share with others. They love hearing her story and how she has overcome so many obstacles! She is able to hold their attention as she speaks from the stage and then afterwards with them. She loves kids and has a huge heart for others!