Manny Golden

The Hip-Hop Chihuahua

Manny Golden is the Hip-Hop chihuahua from the south. His goal is to teach children very important life lessons that they will need to have positive, productive lives in this world.

Manny is very well traveled and now he is bringing a wealth of information back to the communities. Children are his #1 priority for this initiative because...Read More

Sara Davis

Sara Davis was one of the top high school sprinters in the state of California. Her training on the track led her into the health and fitness industry after college. Sara is both a domestic and international speaker. With a degree in English, Sara has a unique method of articulating her life experiences as a teacher, fitness professional, coach, world traveler and mother. She is a woman who embraces adventure. In every message, she motivates and inspires her audience to live life with by maximizing each moment.... Read More


Cheyanne Curry

Cheyanne was born and raised in Humble, Texas by two parents, until the age of seven. In that seventh year, her parents got a divorce and she moved very frequently from one parent’s house to the other. She became the person in the middle, and this started her internal struggles. She felt lonely, isolated, hopeless and rejected. Although she had a purpose and destiny in her life, she did not feel it, and became very depressed.
Cheyanne’s mom was suicidal and she had to watch, hear, and live with the fear and stress that is brought on from this trauma. Through her life she has also attempted suicide. The second time she was planning on committing suicide.......Read More

Morgan Morris

In 2006, Morgan was crowned Miss Oklahoma Teen USA and in 2010, she won the title of Miss Oklahoma USA. After Miss USA, Morgan continued working for modeling agencies across the United States and around the world and later, Morgan completed her undergraduate degree, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, with an emphasis in Sports Media. After graduation, Morgan married Brian, and they moved to the United Kingdom to serve on the mission field for two years. Together they aided their local community in many different facets, mentoring inside and outside of schools.... Read More


Dr. Anitra Shelton-Quinn

Dr. Anitra Shelton-Quinn is a global keynote speaker and an award-winning school psychologist, with noted expertise in school-based mental health, who uses her social science insight to provide the best in Professional Development Training, Consulting, Leadership Development and Keynote Presentations to take schools, organizations, businesses, institutions, and individuals to the next level....Read More

Mike Rosas

Transform your school with a person who is making huge strides in bringing impact for many issues common to students. Mike Rosas connects with students and they LISTEN to him! He provides insight into the problems that teens face, but also teaches the students who are not problematic the things they should be doing to succeed.... Read More

Doug Stringer

Doug holds a Ph.D. in leadership and human development from Logos University, along with a pastoral certificate in practical ministry from Regent University. He is recognized for his contributions in both secular and sacred arenas. He has served with the Houston area Council on Gangs and as a Community Relations Consultant for Houston Police Department’s Community Outreach Division and currently serves on HPD’s Youth Police Advisory Council.... Read More

Sarah Pendrick

Sarah created GirlTalk Network, centered around women supporting each other and empowering them to feel safe and supported. With a bachelors in psychology and a masters in family therapy, Sarah promotes positive self-esteem and connects women worldwide. She travels nationally and internationally to speak to women, helping them create a life that lights them and their communities up.... Read More


Cole Rose

A speaker, writer, pop singer, actress, stylist, and founder of The D.O.P.E. Movement (Driven On Positive Energy) Artist Outreach Program, as well as owner of her own Online Store, Rose definitely fits the bill of her line name "Renaissance." Cole Rose has won a host of awards including the 2014 Best Female Artist of the year for The Holy Hip Hop for Hunger Awards and also in 2015.... Read More


Hollis Conway

Hollis Conway has been one of the world's most dominating athletes. He is the president of Overcoming Obstacles, Inc., a non-profit motivational speaking company. Hollis has authored two books: YES I CAN and GRASSHOPPER. Since he retired from jumping in 2001, Hollis has taken the same drive, dedication, and determination that he used to become the number one jumper in the world, and transferred those skills to the world of motivational speaking. From school assemblies to corporate meetings to all kinds of church events, Hollis is truly inspiring a generation.... Read More


Bob Goshen

Leadership is a do-or-die way of life. If you want to discover, develop and duplicate leaders within your organization, Bob Goshen is the former U.S. spy turned international leadership speaker to help your company grow and prosper as a whole. Bob offers information-rich, high-energy presentations, coaching and workshops.... Read More


DJ Overflow

DJ Overflow is a one man show and can bring profound information to steer students in the right direction. He is a lover of music & something much bigger than life itself! In all of his platforms, he is consistent on making sure that love & truth are heard. His testimony allows the message of life to reach all people in walks of life. What sets DJ Overflow apart from other artists in the genre is his ability to reach multi-aged groups and cultures.... Read More