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Sypreme is here with his unique gift in music to reach the young generation through Purpose Driven Music. Releasing his debut album “R.a.p. Impact” he he hopes to reach all people and impact lives through rap.

He was born and raised in Houston, Texas where he faced many challenges as a child. Born with asthma and raised in an unstable household he found himself fighting many obstacles that life brought against him. Through his teenage years he battled with the pressures and negative influences that the world had to offer. At times, Sypreme witnessed the death of family and friends. Through many obstacles growing up in a fallen world he changed his life dramatically at the age of 16 when he gave his life to Christ. His passion for Christ gave him the purpose to reach the world through his music and testimony. For people, he hopes to encourage and inspire them to reach for their dreams.

As a difference maker Sypreme teaches young people today how to overcome obstacles as he did. He speaks on important issues such as believing in your dreams, avoiding negative influences, finding identity, importance of education, drug free lifestyle, and drive for success. In a world built on technology he understands this American generation deals with weapons of mass distraction.

Since 2003, Sypreme has had the opportunity to share stages with inspirational artist such as Kirk Franklin, Newsboys, Sonic Flood, Detrick Haden, Grits, Lil J Xavier, Agape, Pettidee, Shei Atkins, B. B. Jay, Da Truth and many more. He has toured America, England, Belize, big cities, small towns, outreaches, hoods, prisons, suburbs, and schools where he has performed in large and small venues. Although Sypreme looks to impact the world the most important thing to him first, is his relationship with Christ. His passion is for listeners to know they have value no matter what there background or situation. They have a purpose, passion and destiny.

Sypreme’s education is in music business/engineering and he owns and operates Sypreme Production Recording Studio in Houston, Texas. He uses his expertise in music to produce other artists to expand the movement. In his freshman album “R.a.p Impact” he focuses on household problems and a fatherless generation. His vision for the listeners is that we truly live our lifestyles as leaders. Using purpose driven music as a tool Sypreme travels the nations reaching and speaking to thousands every year.




For more on Sypreme check out his websites and youtube videos:


Youtube: “Sypreme” or “Sypreme R.a.p. Impact”

iTunes: “Sypreme R.a.p. Impact”

Cdbaby.com: “Sypreme R.a.p. Impact”




Doug Stringer “CEO of Somebody Cares”

Melvin Adams “Former HarlemGlobtrotter/ Speaker”

Abram Padron “Pastor of Worlds Apart ministry”

James Hudson “Life Coach”

James Horton “FCA Leader”

Devin Wyman “Former Patriots and Superbowl Champ”

References available upon request


–        2006 New Artist of the Year in Texas

–        Worldwide performing artist speaking to over 60,000 people per year

–        2008 College Graduate in Music Business/Audio Engineering

–        Performs in 150 public schools per year

–        Toured in England and Belize performing school assemblies

–        Shared and opend up for inspirational artist such as, Kirk Franklin in Orlando FL, News Boys in Beauont Tx, Sonic Flood in Humble Tx, Grits in Houston Tx, Detrick Hadden, Lil J Xavier, Agape, Pettidee, B B Jay, and Da Truth.

–        School tours in Virginia, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, California, Ohio, Boston and North Carolina

–        Travel with former professional atheletes such as Melvin Adams “Former Globetrotter” Devin Wyman “Former Patriots super bowl champ”  Roberto Flores “Former Drug King pin who change his life and now impacts youth today on gang violence"



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